Allie Berger

Allie Berger

CYT 200, MA Yoga Studies

Allie’s classes are slow and methodical, appropriate for practitioners at different stages of experience. She uses anatomical cues as well as imagery to give detailed guidance of postures, but maintains a hands-off approach, allowing students to explore their own experiences. In crafting her classes, she draws from hatha yoga techniques, mindfulness, as well as her background in somatic movement practices.

Allie Berger likes to move. She found yoga in 2008, while she was getting her B.A. in Dance, and continued her personal yoga practice as a way to stay grounded during her travels in India. She started teaching in 2011 in her hometown of Harrisburg, PA. Allie recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her M.A. in Yoga Studies at LMU, and is delighted to be a part of the community at Live Yoga Wellness. Her classes are designed to be accessible, combining fluid sequencing with breath-focused stillness to tap into the intelligence of each individual’s body.


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