C-IAYT, YTRx-800C, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

Dena’s motto is “Unwind, Play, Heal” with conscious breath, mindful pose development, and guided meditation. As a teacher with a twenty year career in art, she creatively teaches classes that make yoga accessible to all with an easygoing sense of humor and an always eclectic musical playlist. Dena is deeply committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga’s power to improve well-being with sensitivity to clients’ specific health concerns and desired goals.

In addition to teaching classes, Dena enjoys working privately with clients to help them address a full spectrum of health issues including chronic pain relief, injury recovery, overall strengthening & flexibility, aging joints, immunity support, improving posture & balance, digestive issues, weight loss, stress reduction, women’s health, disease management, and Vedic guidance for emotional well-being. She is also an Ayurvedic wellness coach addressing lifestyle recommendations, diet, herbs, and therapeutic oils.

Certifications and Training:

  • Loyola Marymount University-Yoga Therapy
  • Advanced Vinyasa RYT-500, Restorative Yoga, Pre/Post Natal
  • Ayurvedic Living Mentorship, Vedic Healing training


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