CYT, YTRx-800C

Mariana began her journey with yoga 11 years ago and found the practice healing and transformative in every aspect of her life, she has been teaching in English and Spanish since 2005. She strives to make yoga accessible to everyone, and views the real benefits of yoga as what you take with you outside of class and into the world. She encourages her students to move from a place of joy and connection with mind body and spirit.

Mariana is a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She received her teacher training certifications from Yoga Works, Max Strom, Sacred Energy Arts. She is a graduate of two years of the esteemed Yoga Therapy Rx program at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). In addition she completed a year long internship at Tensegrity Yoga Therapy with Sherry Brourman and Leslie Kazadi . Mariana specializes in teaching gentle yoga to cancer patients during and post treatment.

She expresses a deep feeling of gratitude to all her teachers, students, family and friends for their guidance, inspiration, wisdom and encouragement on the path of yoga.


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