Teri Roseman, executive director and founder of LiveYoga Wellness, dreamed of opening a wellness center to enhance the community in which she lives. While looking for a suitable venue she was introduced to Peter Rood, Rector at Holy Nativity Parish. He also wanted to promote wellness in the community and was in the process of renovating a space at the church into a yoga center.

In March 2020, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, LiveYoga Wellness moved all classes, workshops and privates to a virtual online platform via Zoom. The studio remains closed until further notice.

It is our goal to promote and enable self-health and healing through the mindful practice of yoga, meditation, and other related classes and workshops. LiveYoga Wellness offers a wide variety of classes and workshops suitable to different needs.

Our community is comprised of students who understand that yoga and wellness can be practiced at some level by everyone regardless of age, health, or physical ability. When you practice at our studio, you’ll see the same welcoming faces each week. You’ll also enjoy the small, intimate class setting that allows for a deeper teacher-student connection.

Since its opening in 2010, LiveYoga Wellness has expanded its reach beyond the Westchester community to include Corporate Wellness programs as well as Integrative Healthcare. Moving to virtual classes has allowed our community to grow to include friends and family and new students from around the globe.

Join us in experiencing the benefits from teachers professionally certified in a variety of styles.