Lizbeth Vázquez

Lizbeth Vázquez

MA, E-RYT-500

Lizbeth grew up in Mexico and the US, living between two parents in two countries. She is English and Spanish Bilingual. Encouraged to pursue academia, dance, and sports and the pressure and polarity of traveling between families and countries took its toll on her. She took her first yoga class and in 2010 and found new ground. 

While finishing her undergraduate studies in Spanish and French, and after returning from studying in Europe, and Morocco, in the summer of 2016, enrolled in a 200-hr. Teacher training, thinking to strengthen her practice. Instead yoga changed her life and professional intentions: as a language interpreter; a responsible part of, and teacher for, communities and outreach; and especially as a compassionate lifelong learner.

In 2017, she received a generous fellowship from the University of Loyola Marymount University to study in the Masters in Yoga Studies program in Los Angeles. During that time she compiled 1,000 hours of yogic studies along with trauma-sensitive yoga experience in several fields, and studied abroad in India (2018; 2020). Yoga has become a way of life for her, shifting and expanding the world with which she is engaging.

Consider movement stationary, and the stationary in motion; both movement and rest disappear. When such dualities cease to exist, everything becomes clear and undisguised”. THE HSIN HSIN MING