LYW: What initially brought you to a yoga practice? How long have you been practicing?

ANN: I started yoga with the intent of working toward an overall feeling of wellness and inner calm. That was about 10 years ago when I was practicing law as a trial attorney and living a hectic, frenetic life.  I also noticed that people who practice yoga seemed to have conquered weigh management and have lithe, flexible bodies.

LYW: What brought you to LYW?  And what keeps you here? How often do you practice? 

ANN: I remember riding my bike one day around the neighborhood and stopped in to check out the LYW studio.  After going to some of the larger studios and feeling shamed into doing yoga poses that were way beyond my abilities, I wanted a smaller, more intimate, less judgmental studio.  A safe space.  LYW has certainly been my oasis.  I find that the instructors gauge the class to the abilities [and injuries] of the participants and are encouraging and inspirational.  The classes flow beautifully, with great instruction and polite and constructive correction. I would like to come to LYW twice a week.  One day is more stretching and learning how to do the poses correctly.  After 10 years, I am still doing many poses incorrectly, which doesn’t benefit anyone.  The other day is more athletic and works on strength, balance, and conditioning.

LYW: Are there any observations/comments/anecdotes from a class or workshop that you care to share?

ANN: I love all the instructors who teach at LYW.  Each one is different and shares different skills, perspectives, and insights.  I also really like all the people that I practice yoga with.  It is a loving, accepting, non-judgmental group. 

LYW: Please share with us the benefits you receive from your yoga practice.

ANN: The benefits I receive from yoga are infinite.  I always feel much better when I leave yoga than when I enter.  It provides me with not only a perspective-reset, but helps with my overall feeling of wellness and health.  It gives me an opportunity to work on all the muscles to support my bone structure and to rehabilitate my knee, on which I had surgery about a year ago. Yoga has made a huge difference in my life, but the biggest difference has come from having my sweet little LYW studio right down the street!