Bonnie has the distinction of attending more classes than any other single student! Thank you Bonnie!

LYW: Any background or your Westchester history you’d like to share. Ex: How many years you live in this community, or years married, or your professional pursuits, family history. Kids went to school here. Other community endeavors.

Bonnie: I’ve  been married for 34 years to David, and we have lived in Westchester for 31 years.  Our son, now 32, attended Loyola Village Elementary School, played at Westchester Little League and was a member of Cub Scout Pack 48, for which I was Den Mother, as well as on the board for several years.

LYW: What initially brought you to a yoga practice? How long have you been practicing?

Bonnie: My mother died in 2010 and I found myself in deep grief and full of anger. In addition, I had shoulder pain and was beginning to experience loss of function. I began walking in the neighborhood daily. Each day, I passed by the Live Yoga Wellness sign, I realized that I needed to do something more to quell my mind and slow my body.  I asked my friend, Becky, if she’d like to take yoga classes with me and so began my time at Live Yoga Wellness.

LYW: You’ve been a part of the LiveYoga Wellness community since FEBRUARY 2011! What brought you to LYW? And what keeps you here? How often do you practice?

Bonnie: When I started classes with Teri, I received one on one attention and specialized poses for my shoulder.  Teri made me an individualized “standing meditation” tape to listen to, which I used frequently.  She taught me many tricks to settle myself and focus inward.  My body began to feel better and my mind was clear.  It was a turning point in my life, I was lifted out of my darkness and into a light that I continue to cherish. 

LYW: Are there any observations/comments/antidotes from a class or workshop you attended you care to share?

Bonnie: I’ve taken classes from numerous teachers at LYW.  The common thread is the care that the teachers give.  The classes are small so the teachers genuinely get to know their students, which makes for an intimate setting. The people in the classes that I attend have become true friends, not just classmates and I’m so grateful for that.  Each teacher has their own style and I benefit from that, they know when to give an alternate pose, or extra guidance.  Each class is special in a different way and I leave feeling rejuvenated and alive.

LYW: Please share with us the benefits you receive from your yoga practice.

Bonnie: After practicing yoga for several years, I find myself mindful and aware.  I have found that my mind reactions are slower and thoughtful instead of quick and rude.  I’m much more aware of how I hold my body, my posture has greatly improved as has my stamina and strength.  I find myself doing yoga poses throughout the day as I go about my tasks.  For example, picking up something from the floor becomes a dancers pose first, or a chair pose.  Legs up the wall helps my digestion and the blood flow relaxes me.  Most days that I’m not taking a class at LYW, I salute the sun and stretch. 

LYW: Anything else you would like to add?

Bonnie: For people who don’t understand what yoga is really about, I would urge them to try a class at LYW.  You never know until you try it and chances are, it will become part of their life too.