LYW: What initially brought you to a yoga practice? How long have you been practicing?

IO:  Overall, I have been practicing on and off for 10 years along with other forms of exercise.  Prior to our joining Body and Brain, I did intermittent yoga practice at couple of larger yoga studios. (When Body and Brain closed) I wanted a smaller studio that catered more to overall mind, body and spirit. 

DO:  About five years ago, I noticed that since my retirement, I was losing some flexibility and was beginning to have difficulty putting on my socks. So I started looking for a local yoga facility that was close and not for just those under 40. I have always been active, played sports and exercised but I wanted something more that would be mental as well as physical. We found Body and Brain in Westchester and enjoyed the ability to learn not only the physical part but the mental exercises involved in meditation. We learned a lot about the 7 chakras and the ability to self heal. The classes and the stretching to increase my flexibility were addicting. Then when they had to close the local facility, we began to look again and found LiveYoga Wellness, and really glad we did.

LYW: What brought you to LYW? And what keeps you here? How often do you practice?

DO/IO: I saw an ad in a local newspaper, and called Teri who was very helpful and set up an appointment to join a sample class and it was a perfect fit for us. She was very open and easy to talk to as well as extremely knowledgeable. The reason we stay is because of all of the teachers, helpful employees and other members. Everyone has been wonderful to both of us and it has strengthened our neighborhood connection even though we have been here for over 50 years. The biggest thing that keeps us here is the variation in teacher. We love the fact that there is a slightly different approach with every teacher It is challenging but not impossible since they give us modifications due to some past injuries or limitations.

We try to practice three to four days a week as often as possible. We look forward to every class. 

LYW: Are there any observations/comments/antidote from a class or workshop you attended you care to share?

DO: Our favorite things are the variation in the way the teachers are always trying to add and keep the experience fresh. For example, when Don added the sound bowls and tea time at the end of class was a great way to connect to your inner self and more easily communicate with others present. Deanna’s oils are always delightful, relaxing and calming in order to get more into the now. Her sound bath also makes it a more relaxing and complete experience. We also appreciate when Diane gives us some extra challenges and says “I know I am acting like a mean teacher!!” as we moan and groan.

IO: In addition, the essential oil workshop was also very enlightening and helpful in learning and understanding how they work to improve your overall health and well being.

These are the little things that keep us coming back day after day! I feel like we really get to know everyone on a more personal level which is what community is all about!!

LYW: Please share with us the benefits you receive from your yoga practice.

DO/IO: In addition to all we have said above, we can actually see a difference in our strength and flexibility as well as a clearer understanding of living in the moment which improves our outlook and happiness. We only wish we would have been able to do this twenty years earlier!!

LYW: Anything else you’d like to share.

DO/IO: Just that the environment, dedication, professionalism, sincerity and camaraderie from everyone involved will always remain the same!! “If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it!”