LYW: How/why did you come to Yoga? And when did you join the Live Yoga Wellness community?  
LH: I went to my first yoga class in 1989 because of lower back pain.  I met Teri at a SYTAR (International Association of Yoga Therapy Symposium on Yoga and Research) workshop many years ago.

LYW: How has yoga changed your life?  
LH: Yoga saved my life, it took over my life, it is my life.  At first it helped my back pain relatively quickly.  Then I noticed how it quieted my anxiety, it became a practice I had to do.  Then I quit my corporate job to pursue learning and teaching yoga. Then when I developed pelvic pain and was able to heal myself with yoga and breath awareness, Pelvic Floor Yoga was born.  I now teach therapeutic yoga to heal the pelvis all over the world. I have two yoga studies that were done at UCSF showing the efficacy of my method for pelvic pain and incontinence.

LYW: Why do you love teaching yoga?  
LH: Healing the Female Pelvis is a huge step in healing the planet.

LYW: How do you take your yoga into the world?  
LH: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I will go almost anywhere I am invited to teach.  I carry an extra pelvis, three uteruses and a clitoris and always get stopped at airport security but after I assure them that the female pelvis can only be used for good, they usually let me on the plane. But seriously I start with feeling your own breath and what that can tell you about the health of your pelvis.

LYW: What is your current practice or a recommendation and why?   
LH: A mature yoga practice changes everyday with what might be going on in any particular day.  But I always start and end with breath awareness, psoas releases, inversions and due to my history of pelvic pain lots of hip openers with special attention to what the pelvic floor is doing.