LIFE WORTH LIVING: How to live a full and happy life as a widow and sole parent.
with Michelle Hoffmann

Saturday, April 13, 2019 , 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Cost: $25 ($250 Value)
Proceeds go to Life Worth Living Scholarship Fund
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We are fortunate to host international best selling author Michelle Hoffmann presenting a workshop that makes a difference in the way we react to where we are at in life so we can get where we want to be.

By gaining insight into your own life plan, you can approach life’s inevitable challenges with more strength and resilience:

    • Are you ready to make a positive impact on the world?
    • Are you looking for a coach to make sure you get your dream come true?
    • Do you know how to access lifestyle health tools when you need them the most?
    • A practical guide to navigating the most stressful life events you face with the greatest ease.

Even if you had life all figured out, a major life role change can be shattering. Be capable to navigate whatever comes your way to a life worth living.

Of the many stressors that cause health concerns, the greatest stressor is the death of a spouse or parent, followed by divorce and marital separation. Adding a family member or changing jobs are huge stressors. All are followed by ripple effects putting you and your family at great risk of health concerns.

    • Learn how to reposition stress to become one of your super powers to great health.

Life Worth Living – A practical and compassionate guide to navigating widowhood and sole parenting draws on proven processes and ideas on walking through the logistical, legal, financial, and emotional issues you may face after loss, as well as the psychology and neuroscience of moving through grief and moving on, explaining everything in a way that is easy to understand and apply.

About the author:

Michelle Hoffmann is a Master Coach in Life and Business. She is an author, successful entrepreneur, and dynamic, entertaining motivational speaker. She specializes in helping widows and sole parents re-stabilize their lives after loss to live a full and happy life, though she holds the title of Director of Business Development in a variety of industries. For over two decades, she has catapulted successful careers working with executives, managers, and corporate employees. She is on the Board of several organizations, including the local Parents Club, Arts Council, a San Francisco school, and she is a Scout Leader.