InYoga 200, MiniYogis

LYW:  How/why did you come to Yoga? And when did you join the LiveYoga Wellness community?


PB: In 1994 I became aware of the healing qualities of yoga. At that time, I was living and working in Arkansas, and since there were no yoga classes in the area, I ordered a VHS of beginning yoga. My first exposure to yoga was with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden on tape!


Prior to the opening of LiveYoga Wellness, I was teaching at In Yoga in Marina del Rey and in the Playa Vista community. Teri approached me and asked if I would be interested in teaching at a new studio in Westchester, where I was a resident, and I enthusiastically said “Yes!”

LYW:  How has yoga changed your life?

PB: Yoga was my first introduction to truly conscious thinking. When I went through my teacher training, my mind, heart and body awoke. I was elated to find out that there was a way of “being” so different than what I knew. From then on, my life has become an ever-evolving journey of expansion and discovery.

LYW:  Why do you love teaching yoga?

PB: Sharing yoga is a true and blessed gift. Life in our society can be a great challenge on so many levels, and it is an honor to guide the spirits in my class back to their own internal sanctuaries of bliss. 

LYW:  How do you take your yoga into the world?

PB: We are yoga. If we embody the practice, we step into the world as examples of peace, balance and loving-kindness. 

LYW:   What is your current practice or a recommendation and why.
PB: Center every day. Be still every day. See beauty every day. Be Grateful!!