LYW:  How/why did you come to Yoga? And when did you join the LiveYoga Wellness community.

Suzi: I took my first yoga class in Santa Monica at the YWCA when I was in college, to help me keep calm so I could concentrate on my studies.  And yoga definitely helped!  I  started teaching at Live Yoga Wellness in 2011.

LYW:  How has yoga changed your life?

Suzi: Yoga has changed my life in so many ways, starting with my healthy spine.  If it wasn’t for the asanas, I may not  be working as a  Dental Hygienist for 30 years!  I am able to stay focused and calm by using my breath, and I feel good in my heart.

LYW: Why do you love teaching yoga?

Suzi: I love teaching yoga because I want everyone to benefit from this inspiring and life transforming practice. My students give me so much joy, and I am always learning  from them as well.  If it wasn’t for all my wonderful students, I wouldn’t be able to teach!

LYW:  How do you take your yoga into the world?

Suzi: I give back to the world with my open heart.  I feel very strongly about helping others when I can.  I volunteer weekly at Safe Place for Youth, a non-profit homeless shelter for teenagers and young adults.

LYW:  What is your current practice or a recommendation and why?

Suzi: My current practice has definitely slowed down.  I pay more attention to how my body feels and what it can do, not pushing my body into a pose that doesn’t feel good.  I teach and practice more Prime of Life Yoga®  and I love that I can accept myself and my body for all it’s beauty.