with Sherry Brourman
Saturday, December 2, 2017 – 1:30 – 4:30 pm

Cost: $54.00 (early bird special $45.00 through November 18th)
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An average adult takes 7-10,000 steps per day. How we take these steps— becomes a template for everything we do, defining our strengths, weaknesses, agility and much of our emotional and spiritual ambiance is also defined within our most common movement–, walking.


In this mini workshop, you will see and understand your walk in such a way, that you can literally apply it to your yoga practice right off. Picture how we pass through mountain pose, albeit on one leg, with every step that we take. Understanding your own ‘frame’ mechanics in both walking and yoga becomes the perfect jump-off point to integrating your body, mind and spirit.


Course Aims:


Create deeper and more reliable balance in seeing and shifting a few old movement habits.

Learn how your normal ways of walking repeat themselves in every pose, and ways to modify for them to be as calming and stabilizing as your new walk.


All levels are welcome!

Sherry Brourmanis a physical therapist (47 years), a yoga therapist, (16 years) and an author (book #1, Walk Yourself Well, Hyperion, 1998, book #2, Using Yoga Therapeutically, Handspring Publishing~underway {with a ways to go}). Sherry’s work is a system fueled by a passion for both feeling and seeing the grace of fluid movement. In this system, all of the koshas (layers of being) and all of the gears (structural body) can be witnessed in one movement. Whether a footstep or one asana, the information is all there, visual, and teachable. Sherry teaches yoga, teacher trainings, yoga therapy mentorship programs and physical therapy seminars internationally. http://sherrybrourman.com/contact/

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