MBA, CYT, YTRX-800C, E-RYT 500

LYW: How/why did you come to Yoga? And when did you join the LiveYoga Wellness community.
Parameshwari: In the early 1990’s I was looking for a low impact exercise program to get healthier and found Yoga. I got so much more than I expected…tools to calm my mind, strengthening and flexibility, and a spiritual connection. I started with the physical (asana) practice and quickly got involved in meditation, chanting and the more spiritual aspects of Yoga.

Teri (Roseman) and I met while both attending Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Therapy Rx program and instantly bonded. When I graduated, Teri had already opened LiveYoga Wellness and I was thrilled to be among the first teachers at this sweet new yoga studio. I love the students, and the sense of community at LiveYoga Wellness and Holy Nativity, on whose campus the studio is located. I started teaching Therapeutic Yoga classes early on, and in 2015 after completing my Yoga Nidra certification training began facilitating and guiding Yoga Nidra workshops. Watching student’s transition from stressed, to content and relaxed, was all I needed to confirm that I was doing the right thing. The caring energy of the students, teachers and the studio all make LiveYoga Wellness one of my favorite places to teach in LA!

LYW: How has yoga changed your life?
Parameshwari: Yoga has given me tools to help my body as I move through different stages of life, and my mind as I experience its ups and downs. Yoga has been so significant a change agent for me,  that I decided to shift my profession from the corporate world to one where I could help people. Already practicing and teaching yoga, I decided to further my education and become certified as a Yoga Therapist.  Now I feel fulfilled as I get to help others discover their potential, and share the relief that yoga has brought me.

LYW: Why do you love teaching yoga?
Parameshwari: I love teaching because it helps me get out of my head, and I get to help others. During my Yoga Therapy training, I focused my studies on brain injury. Watching my students and clients rediscover their bodies, and find relief and serenity does my heart good. Discovering and studying Yoga Nidra has enhanced my practice and teaching – helping my clients to find acceptance, forgiveness, and ease, allows a deeper level of recovery and healing.  Come to my workshop on November 4th and experience this deep healing for yourself!
LYW: How do you take your yoga into the world?
Parameshwari: While living in Los Angeles, in addition to teaching at LiveYoga Wellness, I taught and was in service at the Sivananda Yoga Center and community. I learned the value of Seva (selfless service) and the deeper spiritual lessons of Yoga. These teachings are now an integral part of the fabric of my being. .My husband and I recently moved to the Albuquerque area, and have brought our perspective on yoga and meditation practices to the area. We are actively building a sangha (community) where we chant, meditate and practice together.  We are drawn to the nature, spaciousness, and the serenity of the area, and have found wonderfully spiritual people and environments beyond our expectations. We are excited to be building community in our new local area!
LYW: What is your current practice or a recommendation and why?
Parameshwari: Yoga is so much more than a physical practice; it works on so many levels of the human condition.  As I have aged, I find it more and more important to me to keep my body and mind fluid and flexible. For me, a softer therapeutic practice that is kinder and gentler on my body helps me be in acceptance of the aging process. With aging parents, moving away from the only home I’ve known all my life, and trying to establish a new life in a new land, my practice of meditation and Yoga Nidra has and continues to help my mind and spirit to cope and manage these daily stressors of life. I invite you to join me for a Yoga Nidra session on November 4th at LiveYoga Wellness to experience these various levels for yourself.